medical selection

med·i·cal se·lec·tion

preservation, by medical care and treatment, of patients of pathologic genotypes who would not otherwise reproduce, thus tending to increase the frequency of pathologic genes in the population; conversely, reduction of the frequency of pathologic genes by preventing reproduction of those of specified genotype by surgical sterilization or other means.
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Some of the available medical selection tools which seek to choose other non-academic characteristics are interviews, mini multiple interviews (MMI) and situational judgement tests (Patterson et al.
Few studies that relate personality traits with the existent medical selection tools show that different selection processes call upon different personality traits (Azman et al.
However, how faking may affect personality assessment usefulness in the medical selection field has been poorly addressed.
In: AGARD Conference Proceedings: Medical Selection and Physiologic Training of Future Fighter Aircrew, CP-396:1985; 32:1-13.
A levels, used for medical selection, do not indicate any personality attributes of the candidate and are affected by socioeconomic bias.
(1989) have described a higher order categorization for PS information as it pertains to medical selection in particular.
Further, prior to examining the predictive validity of PSs it is important to demonstrate that PS categories have a role to play in actual medical selection decisions.
If medical selection, training and careers are thought of in terms of trait complexes, then it may be possible to view C as belonging to a wider complex of personality, ability and vocational interest measures that may be related specifically to medicine.
Fritz Klein, who had overseen medical selections at Auschwitz, and the mayors of several neighboring towns, standing in front of heaps of bodies (73-76).
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