medical review officer

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med·i·cal re·view of·fi·cer

(MRO) (med'i-kal rĕ-vyū' awf'i-sĕr)
A physician trained and certified to review and analyze substance abuse testing results.
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Elsayed von Bayreuth, associate chief of professional staff, staff pathologist, and the primary medical review officer.
During the first one, which began on Wednesday, September 30, 1992, I found myself sitting across from the city's medical review officer (as in truant, parole, or police officer).
He is a certified Medical Review Officer, a Civil Surgeon for the Department of Homeland Security and the Medical Director of the Clearfield County Jail.
The HHS Guidelines address all areas of a drug testing program, from collection through laboratory testing to medical review officer (MRO) review and verification of results.
These positive results for marijuana from the laboratory would be reviewed by the Medical Review Officer (MRO), similar to the way MROs review prescriptions for other drugs of abuse.
Manuel Ceja is a senior aviation medical examiner with credentials ranging from medical review officer to FAA safety counselor.
But when the company's medical review officer began inquiring why Harrison needed a prescription, and then probed deeper into the history and severity of Harrison's epilepsy, the company may have gone a step too far, according to the decision written by Judge Eugene E.
Several mistakes were made by the company in question, Eden says, from premature reporting of the positive test by the Medical Review Officer to HR's inappropriate monitoring of the phone conversation involving the worker.
Said to be the first product of its kind, SteroidConfirm includes a medical review officer report, which gives the recipient the opportunity to consult with a doctor regarding test results.
Only a certified medical review officer or others with proper training and experience should interpret drug testing results.
In my experience as a certified medical review officer, I have had legitimate explanations for tests positive for THC, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines.

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