medical pathology

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med·i·cal pa·thol·o·gy

pathology pertaining to various diseases not suitable for treatment by surgery.
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medical pathology

An imprecise term for the study of diseases that do not respond to surgical therapy.
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med·i·cal path·ol·o·gy

(medi-kăl pă-tholŏ-jē)
That pertaining to various diseases not suitable for treatment by surgery.
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TABLE 2 Reason for admission divided into three critical care categories Postoperative Multiple trauma Medical pathology Neurosurgery (7) Head trauma (26) Congestive heart failure (1) General surgery (18) Thoracic (9) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (1) Thoracic surgery (8) Abdominopelvic (6) Stroke (2) Maxillofacial Skeletal (13) Intracranial surgery (5) bleeding (4) Plastic surgery (1) Vascular surgery (3) Urology (7) Number of patients presenting with each pathology is shown in parentheses.
In cases requiring advanced professional credentials, such as forensic medical pathology, dentistry, or anthropology, the police have employed, or contracted with, professionals for those services.
Thus, some forms of industrial and occupational exposure, as well as obvious chemical contact and medical pathology, apparently "disrupt" men's endocrine systems.
Director, Point-of-Care Testing Center for Teaching and Research (POCT.CTR[SM]) Professor, Medical Pathology, School of Medicine Director, Clinical Chemistry, UCD Health System Faculty, Biomedical Engineering University of California, Davis
He examines the concept of "madness" (distinct from insanity as a medical pathology) from the perspectives of spirit possession, magical manipulation, romantic obsession, occult wisdom, and holy emanation.
Workers in the US have proposed the metaphor of a chronic disease, viewing abuse and neglect as a 'geriatric syndrome': a collection of symptoms and signs indicating a range of social and medical pathology [5].
We want to try to put into place a system inside your industry that, over a 10-year period, will reduce social pathology and medical pathology.''' He says that industry will be willing to give HMOs the benefit of the market for those 10 years in return for lower premiums.
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