medical herbalist

medical herbalist,

n in England, an individual who has completed a four-year degree course in herbal medicine, studying botanical therapeutics as well as biomedical sciences.
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Laurence Katsaras is a medical herbalist and naturopath with a passion for merging the traditional understanding and philosophy of naturopathy with modern validated research.
e course is led by retired Medical Herbalist, Nicola Peterson (National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).
e guest speaker was Sue Salmon, a medical herbalist who works with oncology units in Hudderseld and Barnsley as well as in her own private clinics.
Acupuncturist and medical herbalist Williams offers this handbook of medicinal plants native to Australia.
Herbs for Healthy Aging provides a fine guide for any alternative health collection and comes from a medical herbalist who surveys how to retain body vitality during the aging process.
Medical herbalist Natasha Lloyd launched the venture as a not for profit workers' co-operative with partner Bill Boggia and their friends Eleanor Brown and Jason Kane.
The centre is managed and operated by Shella Hall, an AustraliaA[degrees]trained medical herbalist and practitioner of naturopathy and nutritional medicine.
MEILYR JAMES Registered Medical Herbalist, Iridologist and Acupuncturist, The Herbal Clinic - Swansea
His new recruits on the campaign tour - medical herbalist Vivienne Campbell and horticulturist Kitty Scully - are also kept busy.
6 Medical herbalist Dee Atkinson, the woman behind Napiers The Herbalists, has come up with her own cure - a tincture called the Hangover Hotchpotch.
JOE Riley's reference (ECHO, June 18) to medical herbalist Ron Grayson interested me considerably.
Both teas have been blended by the medical herbalist Dr Malcolm Stuart using "Active Botanical" standard herbs from the best part of the plant, giving at least twice the level of essential oils as any other herbal tea.