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Alexei Fedotov, Business Development Director at Yandex.Taxi in Russia, said 'New points for the remote medical examinations at TATNEFT filling stations chain will help us expanding the experiment that we have started.
Tinio expressed hope that such provision will be partially implemented and that more or less P350 million will be allocated for the medical examination of all 700,000 public school teachers in one year.
He said that admitting Shahbaz Sharif at hospital will be a premature decision as it depends on his medical examination by the board.
Following her routine and periodic medical examination last February, De Lima said her physician ordered that I have to immediately undergo further examination, particularly 'CT Scan (tri-phase) of the liver' due to a finding of an impression of a 'liver mass.'
Prizm, a provider of medical examinations, peer reviews, bill reviews and related IME services provider to the automotive market, generates approximately USD 10m of annual revenues.
"The medical examination was held before their trip to Moscow.
The medical examination was conducted in the presence of two female doctors, one lady constable and a bilingual Russian- English interpreter.
The medical examination must be carried out by a doctor who is registered with the Medical Council of Ireland.
There has been much publicity about the lack of reliability of ATOS medical examination reports for DWP benefit claimants.
* If the examination or test is normally given in a medical setting or is administered using medical equipment, or is invasive, it is likely a medical examination.
The medical examination standards as detailed in Title I are designed to accommodate two necessary and legitimate concerns -- one on the part of people with disabilities, and the other on the part of employers.
The guidelines, Preemployment Disability-Related Inquiries and Medical Examinations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state that psychological preemployment screening exams do not fall within the ADA's statutory definition of medical examination and therefore can be given at any time during the hiring process.

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