medical director

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medical director

A medically qualified doctor who is responsible for the clinical management of an NHS trust. In addition to normal clinical duties, some medical directors become involved in Caldicott guardian roles, infection control and research.
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med·i·cal di·rec·tor

(med'i-kăl di-rek'tŏr)
1. A physician designated by an emergency medical service (EMS) system or service to provide medical oversight. Advanced level prehospital providers usually function under the medical license of the medical director.
2. A physician designated by an educational program or institution to provide medical oversight of an EMS education program or course.
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Most recently, Dr Boyd has served as medical director at Galileo, where she led the medical team and clinical development for the digital health startup.
Virgil Dycoco as our medical director for so many years.
A trust spokesman told Get Surrey: "The salary amounts you quote for our chief executive and medical director are correct and, as you say, readily available in the public domain through our annual report.
"Being offered a medical director post in the new Northumbria hospital was not something I could turn down and will be an immensely challenging and exciting role in a new model of emergency care which is at the forefront of NHS.
"He has already made a valuable contribution to the Trust over the years and I am thrilled that he will now continue this contribution as medical director.
The Medicare conditions of participation prescribe the role of a nursing home's medical director. The applicable federal regulation states: "The medical director is responsible for-(i) implementation of resident care policies; and (ii) the coordination of medical care in the facility."
KP Doyle, deputy chief executive, said: "I am delighted that Geoff Graham is joining us as medical director in our hospitals division.
This executive summit will bring together medical directors of the top hospitals and insurance companies from around the world, to collaborate and network regarding the challenges in providing quality healthcare and insurance to local and international patients.
John Murphy, medical director at Hillcrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Fitchburg, and Dr.
As Idaho regional medical director for Correctional Medical Services, he won regional medical director of the year and spearheaded initiatives that resulted in the Idaho winning region of the year for clinical quality.
In June 2005, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued revised Guidance to Surveyors with respect to the requirement of "Medical Director (F501)" for Medicare / Medicaid-certified nursing facilities.

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