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In general, production of medical devices and equipment lagged medical-care spending by six to 12 months.
Contract notice for Providing medical equipment and devices for the project rehabilitation hospital county emergency alexandria, teleorman county: lot 1 - public procurement supply medical furniture, lot 2 - public supply equipment supply, medical devices and equipment.
He said that the main suppliers for medical devices and equipment to the Kingdom are the United States with a 22.6 percent share, Germany (21.3 percent), the Netherlands (12.5 percent), China (7 percent) and Belgium (6 percent).
With about 66 percent of the total device market made up of imported medical devices and equipment, Thailand is dependent on imports for facility upgrades.
There are a total of 11 pieces ambulance (RTW) with medical devices and equipment according to DIN EN 1789 type C, 8 ambulances (KTW) with medical devices and equipment according to DIN EN 1789 type A2 and 1 piece emergency doctor~s vehicle (NEF) with medical devices and equipment be procured in accordance with DIN 75079.
The subject of the public contract is the supply of new (not refurbished) medical devices and equipment, including installation, putting into operation of equipment supplied, installation and service instruction in order to set the individual work of medical devices and instrumentation character providing full service security for 10 years ( 2 years warranty and post-warranty service 8 years) for the selected instrumentation.
BASF is also researching new generations of materials with novel surface effects that are of interest for medical devices and equipment, and offers cooperation opportunities for medical device manufacturers.
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