medical corps

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med·i·cal corps

(med'i-kăl kōr),
The subdivision of a military organization, such as the U.S. Army, devoted to medical care of the troops.

Medical Corps

A branch of the US Army that consists of officers of the Medical Department, who are graduate doctors of medicine commissioned in the Medical Corps and who provide medical and surgical (but not dental) treatment.

med·i·cal corps

(med'i-kăl kōr)
Subdivision of a military organization, such as the U.S. Army, devoted to medical care of its troops.
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IDF Medical Corps personnel will receive official WHO patches noting their new designation.
FedExs swift action in the wake of Hurricane Matthew makes it possible for our teams to save lives and alleviate suffering in some of the hardest hit communities in Haiti, said Nancy Aossey, president and CEO of International Medical Corps.
General Kamal Lumi (Deputy Commander), 3) Directors for Operations; Logistics; Administration and Finance; Military Intelligence; Moral Orientation; Signal; Support Units -- Engineers, Air Defense, Artilleries -- and Medical Corps to be appointed.
International Medical Corps has delivered more than $2.
It was an occasion to express thanks to the doctors, nurses, paramedics and specialists who worked with International Medical Corps on the ground in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea.
He used to say that in the Army Medical Corps administration pertains to patient's medical treatment / profession other functions are performed by AG QMG Branch Accounts Dept etc".
International Medical Corps, a non-governmental relief organisation has established a presence at Dubai International Humanitarian City to use it as a hub for its operations across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
The 33-year-old TV personality has put a selection of items on auction for non-profit organisation, International Medical Corps to help victims of the devastating cyclone, the Mirror reported.
The US Army Medical Corps Leadership Development Program Working Group
I'M trying to track down comrades who served with me in the Royal Army Medical Corps, 6 Field Ambulance, Thornwood Camp, near Epping, Essex from 1952-59.
In this revised doctoral dissertation, based predominantly on primary sources, the author has contributed by examining medical responses to three emergent diseases that the British Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) associated closely with conditions in the trenches on the western front: trench fever, trench nephritis, and trench foot.
Karachi: Doctors from the medical corps of the Pakistan Army were called on Saturday to hospitals in Punjab, the largest Pakistani province where doctors have been on strike for about two weeks crippling hospital operations.

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