medical condition

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medical condition

A disease, illness or injury; any physiologic, mental or psychological condition or disorder (e.g., orthopaedic; visual, speech or hearing impairments; cerebral palsy; epilepsy; muscular dystrophy; multiple sclerosis; cancer; coronary artery disease; diabetes; mental retardation; emotional or mental illness; specific learning disabilities; HIV disease; TB; drug addiction; alcoholism). A biological or psychological state which is within the range of normal human variation is not a medical condition. 

Medical condition is a phrase used in documents for physicians applying to licensing agencies (e.g., state medical boards, malpractice insurance carriers, third-party payers, etc.), which is used to determine a physician’s physical “suitability” to practise medicine.
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medical condition

A disease, illness, or injury Medical practice Any condition–eg, physiologic, mental, or psychologic conditions or disorders–eg, orthopedic, visual, speech, or hearing impairments, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, CA, CAD, DM, mental retardation, emotional or mental illness, specific learning disabilities, HIV disease, TB, drug addiction, alcoholism
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Q. People can’t wake me up- is it a medical condition? When people try to wake me up in the middle of the night I give them a really hard time until I wake up fully. I once eve got into a fight with someone trying to wake me up.

A. We had someone like you in the army. He would just not wake up for his watches. He wasn’t that popular as you presume…then he went to a “sleep lab” and apparently he has some kind of a sleep disorder…so you are fine, you just have to go to sleep earlier if you know you have to wake up early in the morning. You just need 8 hours of sleep and then you won’t have a problem waking up,

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This programme is a way for us to provide a safety net to children at risk for a number of medical conditions while helping to advance the science of regenerative medicine."
As well as websites such as moneysupermarket, comparethemarket and gocompare, there are firms including (0808 281 2051) and (01243 213950) that specialise in comparing pre-exisiting medical conditions travel cover.
"There has been a decline in the medical condition of Kalaignar Dr M Karunanidhi, DMK President and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
(7,8) However, studies in Oman on the impact of medical conditions and medications on the road traffic safety are limited.
"A huge proportion of childhood is spent at school and their ability to learn and participate should never be compromised by a medical condition.
The penalties for not declaring a medical condition include up to a PS1,000 fine and the risk of prosecution if the driver is involved in an accident.
A medical condition, such as the common cold, pneumonia or the flu.
He considered the Israeli High Courts decision to suspend Allans administrative detention in August following a serious deterioration on his medical condition as a circumvention of Allans former hunger strike and an evasion of a decision that should have been taken to release Allan.
Paramedic Mike Duggan said: "Typical patients include those who have had too much alcohol, suffered cuts, bruises, sprained ankles or have a medical condition which has flared up and needs treatment.
AXA Sure Health is a unique program launched in association with AXA Assistance which will offer a second medical opinion from a worldwide network of internationally accredited, recognized and highly-qualified specialists who will extend their expertise, advice and opinions on the specific medical condition, said a statement.
The survey discovered that a sizeable minority of older travellers openly admitted they would not declare a medical condition to their insurer.

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