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medical coder

A person who assigns numeric codes to represent diagnoses and procedures, describe patient treatment and delineate fees for health services, based on an official classification system (e.g., CPT-4, ICD-9/10, HCPC). MCs are responsible for evaluating documentation to assure correct code selection for compliance with federal regulations and insurance requirements.

Medical coders work in hospitals, insurance companies and physician offices under the supervision of the health information manager or chief fiscal officer; some are self-employed and contract for their services. Their work is used by risk managers, utilisation review, quality assurance, case management, clinical managers, and other healthcare providers.

2-year associate's degree encompassing knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology; working knowledge of HCPC, ICD, and CPT codes.
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The WVSMA's physician practice education program concluded the year by hosting the nationally recognized Certified Medical Coder (CMC) class.
Vincent Hospital in Worcester for the past 2 years as a medical coder.
With the two best recognized licensing organizations offering CEU credit, which medical coder members are required to obtain on a yearly basis in order to maintain their certifications, this is an acknowledgement that CODESMART UNIVERSITY may be considered the "Gold Standard" of ICD-10 education," said Ira Shapiro, Chairman and CEO of Codesmart.
From what differentiates a medical coder from a biller to how to break into the industry and succeed, this covers everything from initial idea to successful job and working with the claim process in an office environment, and is a top pick for any thinking of entering the field.
The Medical Training & Certification Guide's website also notes that, since medical coders take diagnosis and treatment procedure information and translate it into the International Classification or Diseases (ICD) codes that can later be used for reference or billing, a competent medical coder should be proficient in these codes.
The text portrays the real world of medical coding by illustrating all types of medical records within a medical practice, providing instruction on the selection of information that is codeable from the documentation, and highlighting the role of the medical coder in the entire reimbursement process.
Co-authors Donna Avila-Weil, RHIT and Rhonda Regan, CCS, CCS-P combine their expertise in the updated second edition of Independent Medical Coding: The Comprehensive Guidebook for Career Success as a Medical Coder.
Robin, who is still working from home as a medical coder while tending to the business, said Artsy You stands out from some of the other local paint-your-own-pottery studios in two ways: It does not charge a sitting fee and it offers a mobile pottery, studio.
Many sources of error are interposed between a person's disease (as it is in truth) and the word label (the diagnosis) applied to it by a clinician, and between the diagnosis and the nosologic code applied to it by a medical coder.
Career Step representatives will be available in booth 301 at the show to provide information and answer questions on the organization's training tools and resources for medical coder career development.
OCTOBER 21, 28 & NOV 4, 11, 18: Certified Medical Coder (CMC) Course - WVSMA Offices, Charleston, WV
A medical coder studies medical documentation and allocates appropriate standardized codes used in medical claims.

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