medical biophysics

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med·i·cal bi·o·phys·ics

biophysics related to diagnosis and therapy.
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Emeritus Oncology and Medical Biophysics at Western University, London, Ontario Canada.
Ross, who is also a medical biophysics professor at the University of Toronto said.
Its much more than Cobalt versus linacs, you need all the other things to go along with it, said Jake Van Dyk, Professor Emeritus of Oncology and Medical Biophysics at Western University in Canada.
Led by University of Toronto Physiology Professor Anthony Gramolini and his collaborator, Professor Thomas Kislinger in the Department of Medical Biophysics, the team used high-throughput methods to identify more than 500 membrane proteins on the surfaces of cardiac contractile cells, which are likely to have a critical role in normal heart function.
This study was a joint effort between researchers across the departments of medical biophysics, chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences," Huynh wrote in an accompanying article for Nature Nanotechnology.
In 1967 he returned to the University of Toronto as a member of the department of Medical Biophysics and later, the departments of Medical Genetics and Microbiology.
Jayne Danska, senior scientist in Genetics and Genome Biology at SickKids and Professor in the Departments of Immunology and Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto.
Based on his courses in medical biophysics and biological instrumentation, Wood (Life and Social Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology) and his contributors primarily focus on human systems and instrumentation of processes within the human body; though principles addressed also have broader application in understanding plants, bacteria and other animals.
of Medical Imaging and Medical Biophysics, University of Western Ontario, London, ON;
of Toronto, Canada) and Bruce (emeritus, medical biophysics and nutritional sciences, U.
The new quarterly journal covers the entire field of biophysics, including bioinformatics, biophysical methods and instrumentation, macromolecular biophysics, cellular biophysics, medical biophysics, and cell biophysics and organization.
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