medical assistant

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pertaining to medicine or to the treatment of diseases; pertaining to medicine as opposed to surgery.
medical assistant a person who, under the direction of a qualified physician, performs a variety of routine administrative and clinical tasks in a physician's office, a hospital, or some other clinical facility.
medical laboratory technician (MLT) see clinical laboratory technician/medical laboratory technician.
medical record administrator one responsible for the indexing, recording, and storage of medical records and reports of patients admitted to hospitals and other health care agencies, and who also prepares reports of births, deaths, transfers, and discharges of patients, and of treatments received.

There are two levels of qualification for the medical record practitioner: Registered Record Administrator (RRA) and Accredited Record Technician (ART). Only those persons who have passed the registration examination of the american health information management association are entitled to use the professional designation of Registered Record Administrator or the job titles of medical record administrator and health record administrator. Only individuals who have passed the accreditation examination of the Association are entitled to use the designation of Accredited Record Technician. Suitable job titles for the RRA might include: Medical Record Administrator; Director, Medical Record Administration Program; Director, Medical Record Services; Instructor; Coordinator; and Research Associate. Suitable job titles for the ART might include: Medical Record Technician; Director; Assistant Director; Supervisor; and Instructor.

medical assistant

Etymology: L, medicare, to heal, assistere, to stand by
a person who, under the direction of a physician, performs various routine administrative and nontechnical clinical tasks in a hospital, clinic, or similar facility.

med·i·cal as·sis·tant

(med'i-kăl ă-sis'tănt)
A person who supports a physician or other health care provider by performing administrative and clinical tasks.

medical assistant

One who assists a qualified physician in an office or other clinical setting, performing administrative and technical tasks as delegated and in accordance with state laws governing medical practice. The administrative tasks include those of a secretary, receptionist, or bookkeeper; the clinical include checking vital signs, height, and weight, and performing laboratory tests. Synonym: medical office assistant
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In addition to the 2018 Medical Assistant Salary report, the following resources are available at the Medical Assistant Guide:
Furthermore, nurses should be careful when asked to supervise medical assistants who are directed to perform nursing-related functions by physicians when the physician is not present.
Nevada SB 101--Clarifies existing law regarding delegation by physicians to medical assistants, to expressly prohibit injections of Botox and other "soft tissue fillers" by MAs.
Each medical assistant must have 10 continuing educational units to maintain licensure.
SCMA is not affiliated with the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) or its Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certification.
Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of health practitioners running smoothly and efficiently.
New York -- Medical assistant legislation has been introduced in New York that is very similar to legislation that was introduced last year in both the State Assembly and the Senate.
com/), which provides a comprehensive specialty medical assistant certification program, has announced the release of a podcast discussing the many advantages of becoming a Specialty Certified Medical Assistant (SCMA[TM]) in today's competitive job market.
Joyce Gariby received the Medical Assistant of the Year award from the Lane chapter of Medical Assistants for her contributions to the medical field.

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