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medica (māˑ·dē·k),

n practitioner from New Mexico, of Curanderismo, the Mexican-American healing system. See also Curanderismo.
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The Medica Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable grant-making foundation.
The OIG investigation revealed that there was no evidence that Medica ever obtained a letter of credit from the Hong Kong Bank in support of the contract or that there was any increase of bank charges to Medica for payment of supplies.
Medica has been accredited by NCQA since 1994 and has maintained Excellent Accreditation status since 2001.
Of the 30 family plans rated at five stars, Medica had the most with 20, or 67 percent of the total.
Since its introduction in 2007, Medica Solo has had a strong influence on Minnesota's individual market, with its pioneering design of offering immediate coverage for the most common services, such as office visits and generic drugs, at an affordable premium.
My Plan by Medica members who choose Inspiration Health by HealthEast will benefit from ACO's innovative care model.
We conceived My Plan by Medica as a private health exchange that highlights consumer-focused ACOs created with outstanding care systems," said David Tilford, Medica's president and CEO.
Leveraging the strengths of Medica and the providers we partner with to create ACO products is at the core of My Plan by Medica.
Medica also offers individual and family plans with benefits that pay right away (before any deductible) for such things as office visits, urgent care and prescription medications.
A different Medica health and wellness coach facilitates each group.
About Medica Medica is a health services company headquartered in Minneapolis and active in the Upper Midwest.
Harmony with Medica and Fairview demonstrates the cost savings we can achieve through a high level of integration between our two organizations.