mediastinal window

me·di·as·ti·nal win·dow

CT settings of window level and width appropriate to showing soft tissue structures.
Synonym(s): soft tissue window
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5 mm irregular lesion with round low-density inside in the right S3 segment (Figure 1a) at mediastinal window setting.
Lung and mediastinal window images showed conglomerate sausage shaped bilateral masses with calcification, surrounding reticulations, and fibrosis predominantly involving the upper lobes of lungs.
2a and b) of the chest in lung and mediastinal window settings are shown below.
Figure 2: Plain chest CT scans mediastinal window (2A) and lung window (2B), axial image shows dilated trachea (black arrow) with multiple sacculations (black broad arrow) in the proximal part of thoracic part of trachea involving posterolateral walls.
Figure 3: Plain chest CT scan mediastinal window, axial image shows dilated both mainstem bronchi (white arrow).