mediastinal emphysema

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Abnormal presence of air in mediastinal tissues; multiple causes include pulmonary interstitial emphysema, ruptured bleb, perforation of the cervical or thoracic esophagus or airways, cervicomediastinal infection, and perforated abdominal viscus.
[G. pneuma, air, + mediastinum]
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mediastinal emphysema

The presence of air in mediastinal soft tissues.

Clinical findings
Severe chest pain, dyspnoea, Hamman sign.

• Respiratory tract—trauma to lungs, perforation of upper airways, asthma, Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia.
• GI tract—rupture of oesophagus, bowel.
• Other (e.g., obesity).
Usually conservative, as emphysema slowly resolves on its own; in the face of lung collapse, the patient must lie on the side of the collapsed lung.
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mediastinal emphysema

Pneumomediastinum Surgery Air in mediastinal soft tissues which may be linked to perforation of the trachea. See Mediastinal crunch, Mediastinum.
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me·di·as·ti·nal em·phy·se·ma

(mē'dē-ă-stī'năl em'fi-sē'mă)
Deflection of air, usually from a ruptured emphysematous bleb in the lung, into the mediastinal tissue.
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With mediastinal emphysema, further transmission of air up fascial planes can be reduced by eliminating straining and increasing intrathoracic pressure with cough suppressants, stool softeners, analgesics, and bed rest.
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