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In the middle of a range or process.
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For every n [greater than or equal to] 2, [FT.sub.n] and [Q.sub.n] are constructed inductively; that is, [Q.sub.n] is the set of all mediants of every two consecutive fractions in [FT.sub.n-1], and let [FT.sub.n] = [FT.sub.n-1] [union] [Q.sub.n] written as the set of fractions sorted in increasing order.
In relation to La Mort de Wallenstein we read that the chords of B minor, D minor, and F minor are 'unrelated' when they are only a chain of minor mediants, and in Fervaal whole-tone harmonies and parallel triads are described as 'outlandish': hardly so, surely, in 1895 quite a few years after Gounod had uses the former effect in both Redemption and Mors et vita, and the latter was a stock-in-trade of Russian music.
The principal works under discussion include the "Trout-Quintet (subdominant), the Symphonies in B Minor and the "Great" C-Major (mediant and submediant), the Quartellsatz and Piano Sonata in C Major (supertonic and subtonic), mid the String Quartet in Major (parallel major and minor).