median sternotomy

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me·di·an ster·not·o·my

incision through the midline of the sternum, usually used to gain access to the heart, mediastinal structures, and great vessels.
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Epicardial pacemaker can be implanted using median sternotomy, lateral thoracotomy, left subcostal or xiphoid approach.
The average total cost per patient in the thoracotomy study was $204,107 compared to $260,492 for traditional median sternotomy VAD cases.
Therefore, there is an increase in minimally invasive methods for open heart surgery, and the most commonly used incision is median sternotomy (1, 2).
The 99% of the patients (1242 of 1254) included in the study underwent surgical procedures through a median sternotomy followed by a cardiopulmonary bypass with systemic hypothermia (central temperature: 28[degrees]C-32[degrees]C).
Excision of the mass was done through median sternotomy followed by pericardial marsupialisation.
The traditional approaches to ectopic mediastinal parathyroid glands include median sternotomy or thoracotomy to access the ectopic glands.
Five days later, median sternotomy was performed, and the superior, median and inferior lobes of the right lung were removed.
After median sternotomy cardiopulmonary bypass was initiated with ascending aorta and right atrium cannulation and the left atrial vent cannula was placed.
There were no enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes and the lung fields were clear Through a primary median sternotomy a well encapsulated cystic tumor measuring 15 cm in diameter was found within the anterior mediastinum causing compression to the main pulmonary artery (Figure 3a).
The cervical approach will enable the resection of lesions in the neck and upper mediastinum, whereas large mediastinal lesions and lower or posterior mediastinal lesions will require thoracotomy, median sternotomy, or thoracoscopy.
Because there was concern that any approach other than a median one might not afford enough space to fix an ASD of such considerable size, our patient underwent a median sternotomy by a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon who specialized in these repairs (in children as well as young adults).