medial striate artery

me·di·al stri·ate artery

artery arising at or just distal to the anterior communicating artery [TA]; distribution: anterior caudate and putamen and anterior limb of internal capsule. See: distal medial striate artery, proximal medial striate arteries.
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Johann O.L., German pediatrician, 1843-1926.
artery of Heubner - a cerebral artery. Synonym(s): medial striate artery
Heubner arteritis - inflammation of arteries within the circle of Willis secondary to chronic basal meningitis from tubercle bacillus or particular fungi.
Heubner-Herter disease - Synonym(s): Gee disease
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SUMMARY: The distal medial striate artery is part of the brain circulation, born from the anterior cerebral artery generally at the level of the anterior communicating artery, although according to different studies its origin varies, being thus difficult to determine with accuracy.
The recurrent artery of Heubner (medial striate artery) entered the anterior perforated substance while the accessory MCA coursed lateral to the anterior perforated substance to send branches to the ipsilateral frontal operculum normally supplied by the MCA.

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