medial segment

me·di·al seg·'ment

a delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies closest to the midline compared with the other similar parts or sections. See: medial bronchopulmonary segment S V, medial basal bronchopulmonary segment S VII, (left) medial hepatic segment [IV] [IV], (right) posterior medial hepatic segment [VIII] [VIII], (right) anterior medial hepatic segment [V] [V].
Synonym(s): segmentum mediale [TA]
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Durand concludes in presenting this liver segmentation based on his definition of portal segment: Segmental account starts with the left portal branch; it gives off the segment I (posterior segment) branch, segment II (left lateral segment) branch, segment III (left anterior lateral segment) branch, segment IV (left medial segment) branch, segment V (right medial segment) branch that emerges from right portal branch in 79 % of cases or from left portal branch in 21 %; right portal branch gives off segment VI (right anterior lateral segment) branch and segment VII (right posterior lateral segment) branch.
In literature, this artery has been given various names, including middle hepatic artery, left medial artery, medial segment artery and segment IV artery (A4).15 Classical normal anatomy was identified when artery to segment IV was getting its origin from LHA or RHA.
In this study the relationship between a BC and cartilage degeneration also applied to the lateral portion of the tibiofemoral joint, as well as the medial segment. Moreover there was a statistically significant relationship between medial plicae and BCs.
a = extra segment of the left lobe; b = medial segment of the left lobe; c = anterior segment of the right lobe; d = posterior segment of the right lobe.
Radiographically, his chest X-ray showed a right middle lobe infiltrate (Figure 1), prompting a CT of the chest which confirmed the right middle lobe consolidation with a possible necrotic medial segment and enlarged right hilar lymph nodes (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)).
As a spontaneous result of BSSO setback surgery, lateral segment overlaps the medial segment. Thus, RW and ML measurements were increased, and RL and AL were decreased postoperatively.
An emergency coronarography was immediately performed, registering occlusion of the circumflex artery (RCx) medial segment as the infarct-related artery.
In the medial segment of MAEC inside the cartilage, the number of nerve profiles was 13,7 [+ or -] 5,3 (3,9 [+ or -] 0,9% MBP+) in the anterior-inferior segment, 22,9 [+ or -] 6,3 (18,8 [+ or -] 6,1% MBP+) in the superior segment, and 23,9 [+ or -] 7,1 (18,5 [+ or -] 5,6) in the posterior-inferior segment; out of the cartilage, the density of nerves was 10,8 [+ or -] 4,3 (4,9 [+ or -] 1,6% MBP+) in the anterior-inferior segment, 26,6 [+ or -] 4,6 (13,9 [+ or -] 4,1% MBP+) in the superior segment, and 28,0 [+ or -] 6,2 (22,5 [+ or -] 6,1% MBP+) in the posteroinferior segment (Figure 7(c)).
Bronchoscopy revealed partial right middle lobe atelectasis and rupture of cartilage at subcarina of medial segment of right middle lobe.
Multiple attempts were required to free the distal end of the medial segment of the fracture from the trapezius muscle.
An 80-year-old woman presented with a large recurrent HCC in the medial segment after conventional TACE.

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