medial rectus muscle

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me·di·al rec·tus mus·cle

(mē'dē-ăl rek'tŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, medial part of the anulus tendineus communis; insertion, medial part of sclera of the eye; action, adduction; nerve supply, oculomotor.
Synonym(s): musculus rectus medialis [TA] .
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medial rectus muscle

Extraocular muscle. Origin: tendinous ring around optic nerve at rear of orbit. Insertion: nasal edge of eyeball in front of its equator. Nerve: oculomotor (CN III). Action: turns eye medially.
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In addition, the charts of all patients with TAO who underwent a conventional bilateral medial rectus muscle recession between 2006 and 2015 were retrospectively reviewed for comparison.
(19) performed left medial rectus muscle recession and vertical rectus muscle transposition to the lateral rectus augmented by lateral fixation sutures in a patient with sixth nerve palsy.
We observed a thickened and contrast-enhanced right medial rectus muscle in the orbital MRI (Figure 4b).
The pseudo CN III palsy in our patient was likely attributable to mechanical factors (e.g., muscle restriction and compressive effects) that caused maldevelopment of the medial rectus muscle and secondary strabismus.
In a series of 29 cases of acute unilateral sixth nerve palsy, complete recovery of eye movements was noted in 76% of patients treated with BoNT injection to the medial rectus muscle a mean of 40 days after the onset of lateral rectus muscle palsy.
Fukuhara et al .[sup][4] and Surov et al .[sup][5] described one and three intramuscular lymphomas, respectively; they were located in the rectus (one in the superior rectus muscle, two in the lateral rectus muscle, and one in the medial rectus muscle).
The fleshy and thickened tendon of the medial rectus muscle showed an anomaly of insertion, being only 2.2mm away from the limbus.
In addition, bony invasion of the anteroinferomedial wall of the left orbit was noted with extension of the tumor into the orbit itself, which resulted in lateral displacement of the left medial rectus muscle. The patient underwent endoscopic debulking of the left sinonasal lesion.
Both surgical procedures can be combined with a recession of the medial rectus muscle. However, in the Y-splitting procedure, the insertion of the medial rectus muscle remains anterior of the equator [3-5], reducing the risk of perforation of the sclera during the operation and retinal detachment.
(12.) Huang CM, Meyer DR, Patrinely JR, Soparkar CN, Dailey RA, Maus M, Rubin PA, Yeatts RP, Bersani TA, Karesh JW, Harrison AR, Shovlin JP Medial rectus muscle injuries associated with functional endoscopic sinus surgery.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses demonstrated a large, enhancing mass within the left ethmoid sinus; CT also showed tumor erosion through the anterior cranial fossa and the left lamina papyracea and compression of the medial rectus muscle and optic nerve (figure 1).
A 6-mm left medial rectus muscle recession, 8-mm left lateral rectus muscle resection, and 6-mm right medial rectus recession were performed using a fornix-based approach that is preferred for surgical procedures.

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