medial pterygoid muscle

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me·di·al pter·y·goid mus·cle

(mē'dē-ăl ter'i-goyd mŭs'ĕl)
Masticatory muscle of infratemporal fossa; origin, pterygoid fossa of sphenoid and tuberosity of maxilla; insertion, medial surface of mandible between angle and mylohyoid groove; action, elevates mandible closing jaw; nerve supply, nerve to medial pterygoid from mandibular division of trigeminal.
Synonym(s): internal pterygoid muscle, musculus pterygoideus internus, musculus pterygoideus medialis.

medial pterygoid muscle

Muscle of mastication. Origin: lateral pterygoid plate. Insertion: medial surface of ramus and angle of mandible. Nerve: trigeminal (CN V). Action: closes mouth, protrudes mouth, moves jaw sideways.
Synonym: internal pterygoid muscle
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For evaluation of medial pterygoid muscles, 50% of the dentists preferred using a combination technique while 30% advocated the use of functional manipulation alone.
1995) and of the other masticatory muscles except the medial pterygoid muscle in the horse (Rodriguez et al.
Kelly & Goodfriend (1964) found a possible union between vertigo, nausea, vomit and syncope in 105 patients with over-closed dental relations because the medial pterygoid muscle enlarges and compresses, and he found the complete resolution of their symptomatology in 89% of these patients by increasing their vertical dimension.
The medial pterygoid muscle, as well as masseter muscle lifts the jaw acting in protrusion and lateral movements.
The upper part of the lateral surface is in contact with the submandibular fossa of the mandible and the medial pterygoid muscle below the mylohyoid ridge.
Use of buccal pad of fat to prevent heterotopic bone formation after excision of myositis ossificans of medial pterygoid muscle.

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