medial crus

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me·di·al crus

limb or leglike portion of a structure closest to the midline.
Synonym(s): crus mediale [TA], medial limb
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On exploration, the LARS had frayed at its medial limb, as seen in Figure 5, between its position at the clavicle and coracoid.
The left fragment is the lateral limb of the LARS and the right fragment is the medial limb.
The left adrenal gland demonstrated homogeneous density, with the medial limb measuring 3.3 mm and the lateral limb 3.5 mm.
Each adrenal gland is composed of the main body, a lateral limb, and a medial limb. In patients with bilateral hyperplasia, the mean right limb widths were 4.5 mm (medial) and 5.0 mm (lateral); while the left limb widths were 5.1 mm (medial) and 5.2 (lateral).

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