habenular nuclei

(redirected from medial habenular nucleus)

ha·ben·u·lar nu·cle·i

the gray matter of the habenula, composed of a small-celled medial habenular nucleus [TA] (nucleus habenularis medialis [TA]) and a large-celled lateral habenular nucleus [TA] (nucleus habenularis lateralis [TA]); both nuclei receive fibers from basal forebrain regions (septum, basal nucleus, lateral preoptic nucleus); the lateral habenular nucleus receives an additional projection from the medial segment of the globus pallidus. Both nuclei project by way of the retroflex fasciculus to the interpeduncular nucleus and a medial zone of the midbrain tegmentum.
Synonym(s): ganglion habenulae
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innate differences in neuropeptide V (NPV) mRNA expression in discrete brain regions between alcohol-preferring (P) and--nonpreferring (NP) rats: A significantly low level of NPV mRNA in dentate gyrus of the hippocampus and absence of NPV mRNA in the medial habenular nucleus of P rats.

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