medial crus

me·di·al crus

limb or leglike portion of a structure closest to the midline.
Synonym(s): crus mediale [TA], medial limb
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Medial crus on the concave side is often elongated and weakened3,external deviation of cartilaginous nose to side of deviation4, deviated caudal septum which also forms the caudal support of nose, hence cannot be removed2.
This technique differs from classical Kriedel method in that; the caudal nasal septum is stitched to only one medial crus (opposite to the deviated side i.
Deviated septum was stitched to opposite medial crus of lower lateral cartilage using Prolene 4/0 (modified Kriedel's technique) as shown in fig-I.
The advancement should be directed toward the anterior edge of the medial crus in order to avoid an unnatural tucking of the nasal sill into the nostril.
Dissection is facilitated by proper retraction with a small, double-prong retractor, which is used to evert the ipsilateral medial crus.

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