medial condyle of tibia

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me·di·al con·dyle of tib·i·a

one of two bony masses at the superior end of the tibia that receives the corresponding condyle of the femur; the medial condyle is the shorter condyle closest to the midline.
Synonym(s): condylus medialis tibiae [TA]
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It took its normal course running on the medial side of the leg, passing behind the medial condyle of tibia and femur and then ascending on medial aspect of thigh to open into the common femoral vein by piercing the deep fascia.
Middle ligament is traced as a broadest and thickest among the three patellar ligaments finger is slipped inward at the level of medial condyle of tibia into the groove between middle and medial ligaments.
CASE REPORT: During routine classroom cadaveric dissection in a 60 years old male we observed unilateral variation of great saphenous vein on the right side which was found to be duplication below knee, at level of medial condyle of Tibia. However, all the tributaries drained normally.

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