medial condyle

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me·di·al con·dyle

condyle closest to midline.
Synonym(s): condylus medialis [TA]
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Superficial to the main part of the ligament is a strong fasciculus, derived from the tendon of the Semimembranosus and passing from the back part of the medial condyle of the tibia obliquely upwards and laterally to the back part of the lateral condyle of the femur.
04[degrees] on the lateral tibial condyle than the controls, as well as a somewhat greater slope on the medial condyle by 0.
Medial-lateral translations of both the medial condyle and lateral condyle were comparable in ACL-deficient and normal knees.
This incision gives access to the fracture except the medial condyle and posterior aspects of the condyles.
sup][13],[14] A trans-patella tendon approach is the secondary to many factors, including distal locking screw tip penetration to the medial condyle cortex and protrusion of screw head in the lateral condyle cortex and impingement of the iliotibial band.
The medial condyle defect was stabilized at its edge and the loose debris removed.
It occurs more commonly in the medial condyle of the femoral component and is associated with a varus deformity either pre or postoperatively.
Added to these wires are passed from common extensor origin at lateral condyle and from common flexor origin at medial condyle.
Middle ligament is traced as a broadest and thickest among the three patellar ligaments finger is slipped inward at the level of medial condyle of tibia into the groove between middle and medial ligaments.
Evaluation of the knee cartilage morphology on the ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging Ultrasound Magnetic resonance imaging Regular -clear Irregular, non-clear n % n % Medial condyle Regular-clear 10 33.
It's easy to miss medial condyle fractures in very young children because the cartilaginous condyle is not visible on plain x-ray Medial condyle fractures require fixation for displacement greater than 2 mm.

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