medial arcuate ligament

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me·di·al ar·cu·ate lig·a·ment

a tendinous thickening of the psoas fascia that extends from the body of the first lumbar vertebra to its transverse process on either side. A portion of the diaphragm arises from it.
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After a series of dissections was performed, the splanchnic nerves of both sides were found adjacent to the medial arcuate ligament of diaphragm, the adrenal gland and the crus of diaphragm.
The nerves of both sides are adjacent to medial arcuate ligament of diaphragm, the upper pole of the adrenal gland and crus of diaphragm, together with the abdominal aorta and hemiazygos vein on left side, inferior vena cava and azygos vein on the right side.
1a) were bulky, where the origin extended to subdiaphragmatic fascia and medial arcuate ligament. Tendon, in all the cases, was long, flattened out at the insertion and blended with iliopsoas fascia; some aponeurotic fibres inserting over iliopectineal line (Fig.3a.).

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