mechanisms of labor

mech·a·n·isms of la·bor

(mĕk'ă-nizmz lā'bŏr)
The passive fetal position adjustments made as the baby accommodates to the space in the birth canal.
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In this context, he asked about the progress in this field, about the proposed sources and mechanisms of labor remuneration in science, about the efficiency of these measures.
She concentrates on the six mechanisms of labor progress and focuses her attention on visualizing those processes.
Childbirth preparation classes are designed to teach women how to reconnect with their bodies, understand the mechanisms of labor, cope with the intense and sometimes unparalleled agony and ecstasy of pain and pleasure and, sadly, in today's techno birthing age, how to be wary of medical procedures and avoid the ubiquitous cesarean surgery birth story.
As a result, in the analysis of earnings determination, the structural framework places a greater emphasis on the mechanisms of labor allocation within production.