mechanical heart

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me·chan·i·cal heart

term loosely applied to any mechanical circulatory assist device.
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The company's Masters HP 15mm rotatable mechanical heart valve is a rotatable, bileaflet mechanical heart valve designed for implantation in the mitral or aortic position and is part of the Masters Series line, which now includes seven valves with diameter sizes ranging from 15 to 27mm.
Alice said that her daughter's heart stopped beating on Monday, starting again on Wednesday, after the mechanical heart was put in place.
One other notable finding was that the risks faced by women with mechanical heart valves far exceeded the risk seen in women with tissue valves, and in women with other forms of mechanical heart disease but no valve prostheses.
Therefore, the major concerns associated with pregnant women with mechanical heart valves are thromboembolic complications, maternal bleeding, and increased fetal events.
Even though leafy greens like Brussels sprouts are healthy in most cases, they counteracted the effect of anticoagulants being taken by the man with the mechanical heart.
So we created a unique hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) heart simulator that combines a real-time software blood-flow model with a physical 3D mechanical heart.
His concept for a better valve system in mechanical hearts is the basis of the company's product, the Vitality Heart Valve System.
Sabine Eichinger of the Medical University of Vienna, wrote that the study results do not support the broader use of self-monitoring, but rather support self-monitoring only in patients with mechanical heart valves, particularly those under age 55.
The outcome was the creation of a unique hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) heart simulator, which combines a real-time software blood flow model with a physical three-dimensional mechanical heart.
Mechanical heart assist devices for end-stage heart failure patients were first introduced in Singapore when NHCS set up its Mechanical Heart Devices (MHD) Programme in 2001.
This is an absolute necessity to prevent blood clots or blood flow turbulence in the mechanical heart valve.

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