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A Japanese term for the 5th flavour—the others being sweet, salty, sour, bitter—triggered by carboxylate anion of glutamic acid, an amino acid common in meat, cheese, broth, stock, and other protein-rich foods.
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99 Rich and meaty with a great and powerful cheese taste, went well with a hunk of crusty French bread.
Native wildlife such as Florida bobcats must now compete with the snakes in the hunt for a meaty dinner.
99 Ballantynes, Cardiff A concentrated, deep-coloured red wine, this has an enticing meaty, slightly cheesy nose - sounds bad, but it's actually very appealing.
To date, none of the identified volatile compounds relates to directly absolute meaty aroma.
But as fears diminish over rate hikes and inflation, the stock market may take focus away from the bond market as investors seek meaty returns.
They may be coated in olive oil, or in oil and herbs, but have no brine; the exception is meaty French Nyons, which is sometimes brined after dry-curing.
The birds are busy jackhammering through pitch-soaked pinecones, eating some of the meaty seeds, stashing some on the forest floor for later.
But it was the meaty challenges that made this clash far from a bounce game and if it had been competitive referee Barry Cook could have issued as many as 10 yellows.
It was great to have something that was meaty enough to get my teeth into, but let other people do the heavy lifting,' the Telegraph quoted him as saying.
Choose from a wide range of delicious flavours, including Meaty and Family packs, which are exclusive to ASDA.
Martin out: Catcher Russell Martin, who was hit by a pitch on the meaty portion of his right hand in Tuesday's game, was a late scratch on Wednesday when he felt lingering discomfort there during batting practice.