measurement error

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a defect or mistake in structure or function.
inborn error of metabolism a genetically determined biochemical disorder in which a specific enzyme defect produces a metabolic block that may have pathologic consequences at birth, as in phenylketonuria, or in later life.
measurement error the difference between what exists in reality and what is measured by a measurement method.
Type I error the rejection of a null hypothesis that is true.
Type II error acceptance of a null hypothesis that is false.

measurement error

The difference between the true value of something being measured and the value obtained by measurement. Measurement error can be the result of one or more of several different factors, including operational blunders, random error, and systematic error. See: bias; proportional error; random error
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The sources of measurement error such as positioning and digitizing are commonly tested by using an analysis of variance-ANOVA (Viscosi and Cardini, 2011).
Why do we observe these patterns of surprisingly large labeling errors that cannot be explained as random measurement error, even allowing for commercial realities?
06 if measurement error accounts for only one-fourth of the observed movements in productivity growth.
Since all tools have error claims based on a certainty or probability of detection that must be accounted for, minimum detection limits and standard deviation measurements taken in infinite combinations ensure that a measured monitoring defect, plus the measurement error, do not reach or exceed critical defect sizes.
2] shows a lower proportion of biological variability (~40%) and a higher proportion of measurement error (~60%).
The temperature measurement error variation trends after 3000 thermocycles are shown in Fig.
These grouped cohorts are used to increase the number of observations within a cohort, which is recommended to reduce the measurement error bias.
The reason for the large measurement errors is lack of a proper standard spectral-responsivity function for the UV meters.
Vivisecting Measurement Error across Multiple Tasks Using Generalizability Theory
The findings remained robust when we corrected for dietary intake measurement error using calibration study data; in fact, the association was even stronger with measurement error correction," the authors said.

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