measurement error

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a defect or mistake in structure or function.
inborn error of metabolism a genetically determined biochemical disorder in which a specific enzyme defect produces a metabolic block that may have pathologic consequences at birth, as in phenylketonuria, or in later life.
measurement error the difference between what exists in reality and what is measured by a measurement method.
Type I error the rejection of a null hypothesis that is true.
Type II error acceptance of a null hypothesis that is false.
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measurement error

The difference between the true value of something being measured and the value obtained by measurement. Measurement error can be the result of one or more of several different factors, including operational blunders, random error, and systematic error. See: bias; proportional error; random error
See also: error
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The matrix X is the observed value of Z with the measurement error U.
In this paper, we propose the cost-sensitive feature selection problem of numerical data with measurement errors and deal with it through considering the trade-off between test costs and misclassification costs.
This particular source of measurement error can hinder assessment efforts targeting both within-group and between-group comparisons (Table 1).
To make the rules comparable, [sigma] was chosen to produce the same output gap volatility under both rules in the absence of the ZLB and measurement error.
It should be noted that the main aim of this study was not to rank or recommend a wireless indoor environment sensor but rather to quantify the measurement errors by different sensors and to evaluate the state-of-the-art of commercially available sensors.
The systematic error mainly consists of three components: pipe flow modeling error, strain gauge error due to the effects of the paste, and measurement error caused by pipe wear [21].
HDM and its modifications all require calculation of the ratio of [[Hb].sub.b] values at various time points compared to an initial [[Hb].sub.b] determination; however, the effect of measurement errors on the accuracy of these volume determinations has never been adequately explored.
Some tolerance for error in wine alcohol labels is appropriate for several reasons: One reason is to allow for measurement error, since the instruments (and perhaps their users) are not always perfectly precise.
Systematic measurement error is much easier to find and identify than random error.

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