measles virus vaccine

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mea·sles vi·rus vac·cine

vaccine containing live, attenuated strains of measles virus prepared in chick embryo cell culture. See: measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine.
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Summary relationship between HLA and TAP and antibody response to measles virus vaccine. Hyperresponder Nonresponder Reference Higher DR homozygosity rate (32) Higher homozygosity rate (33) Higher homozygosity rate (34) Excess DR13 Excess DR7 (32) Excess DRB1*13 Excess DRB1*07 (35) Excess DQA1*01 Excess DQA1*05 (33) Association with B7, B51 Association with B13, B44, C5 (34) B7 allele dose response (34) More likely TAP665 homozygous (36) Table 2.
A second dose of MMR is recommended for adults who 1) were recently exposed to measles in an outbreak setting, 2) were previously vaccinated with killed measles virus vaccine, 3) were vaccinated with an unknown vaccine during 1963-1967, 4) are students in post-secondary educational institutions; 5) work in health-care facilities, and/or 6) plan to travel internationally.

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