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A few lofty Scotch firs grew hard by upon a knoll; a clear fountain near the foot of the knoll sent up a miniature streamlet which meandered in the heather.
She did not mention this meeting at home (though she discovered that, thanks to the upset, her new dress was much damaged by the rivulets of dressing that meandered down the skirt), but went through with the preparations which now seemed more irksome than before, and at twelve o'clock all was ready again.
at the Mariposa Meander Pollinator Garden in Woodstock.
Cross laminated sandstone facies suggests deposition on the inner bend of meander leading to the formation of gently sloping point bar profile.
Because in the gas cylinder, gases meander due to the meandering gas wall became deluged.
A meander is a winding curve or bend, as in a river or road.
Considerable research on various aspects of velocity distribution in curved meandering rivers has been carried out, but no systematic effort has been made to analyze the variation of velocity profile along a meander path [1].
A river crossing a straight road over several bridges is a common analogy for a meander in topology, says Karnauhova.
1 summarizes the geometrical parameter values of unit cell with meander line section.
Tropical Storm Julia weakened into a depression and is expected to meander off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina for the next few days, the U.S.
It was observed however that measuring the phase delay [ d](f) of the meander DL [8] in the given frequency band [DELTA]F by the resonance technique, the delay at low frequencies often significantly higher than the values in the midrange [9].
This has resulted in new antenna designs [4], like fractal antennas [5, 6] for wideband or multiband systems, meander elements [7-9], or open-sleeve antennas [10-13] for multiband frequencies.