mean vector

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mean vec·tor

a single cardiac vector representing the average of all vectors present during a given time interval.
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Position of Tangential right drinking chicks Angular Control Blue light Sample size (n) 143 41 Mean vector ([mu]) 14[degree] 41[degree] Length of mean vector (r) 0.
Subtract the empirical mean vector u from each column of the data matrix X.
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the mean vector of the ith partition samples in kernel space H and [phi]([x.
STEADINESS: Ratio of mean vector wind speed to mean scalar wind speed.
This data-set is divided into thirty five subgroups of two apiece where the first fifteen subgroups are used to generate historical (Phase I) estimates of the mean vector and the covariance matrix.
Among their topics are sequential probability ration test, the point estimation of mean of an exponential population, multivariate normal mean vector estimation, and sequential Bayesian estimation.
In the proposed system, for each letter population, we calculate the mean vector for that population (4), which defines the codeword associated with that letter.
It is well known that the vector [micro] is the mean vector and that the matrix [SIGMA] is the variance--covariance matrix.
n] is the mean vector of all the sample vectors, while W [member of] [R.