mean vector

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mean vec·tor

a single cardiac vector representing the average of all vectors present during a given time interval.
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Synchrony (as measured by the mean vector length) of reproductive structures in general and of ripe fruits was greater in burnt than in uburnt plants, with no significant differences observed for total fruits (Table 1).
STEADINESS: Ratio of mean vector wind speed to mean scalar wind speed.
* Subtract the empirical mean vector u from each column of the data matrix X.
Usually, it is generated by stacking the mean vectors of a background model.
Because both x and [theta] have a symmetric pdf around the mean vector, we can verify that
* New objects are classified by determining the closest mean vector (Center for Image Analysis), as shown in Figure 3.
[[mu]]).sup.T], is the mean vector and the diagonal covariance matrix is
(iii) [bar.A] = ([[SIGMA].sup.n.sub.i=1][x.sub.i])/n: mean vector of A;
Subtracting its mean vector E[[x.sub.i]] from the signal [x.sub.i], we can center the signal [x.sub.i] into zero-mean variable.
This is accomplished by subtracting a version of mean values obtained by passing the mean vector through a low-pass filter [15].
In vector volume analyses, the mean vector volume was calculated to be 96.01 [cm.sup.3] in Group 1,2 398.9 [cm.sup.3] in Group 2 and 196.3 [cm.sup.3] in Group 3.
[20] proposed median Fisher discriminator (MFD) which uses the class median vector, rather than the class sample average, to estimate the class population mean vector in the LDA modeling.