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Prevalence rate, mean intensity and mean parasite abundance were calculated according to Bush et al.
Our results demonstrate that performing a LV-HIIT session with intervals at a fixed intensity of 100% of [V.sub.max] interspaced with passive recovery produces a mean intensity of ~70% of V[O.sub.2peak], regardless of the work-recovery duration being 30 s or 60 s.
Mean gene expression for the study, as measured by percentage of micro-dystrophin positive fibers was 81.2% and the mean intensity of the fibers was 96.0% compared to normal control.
plagiostomus, the mean intensity and relative abundance of 8.24 & 1.92; 5.48 & 2.14 respectively was observed.
Mean intensity calculations and Chi-square analysis for prevalence of infection were done in SPSS.
In addition, comparison of the mean intensity of convulsion in the groups receiving various doses of hydroalcoholic peppermint extract with the positive (diazepam) and negative (physiological saline) control groups is displayed in Figure 2.
Lung region identification processes the original image to determine the mean intensity of global lung regions.
A mean intensity (MI) of 2.5 worms per fish and a maximum intensity of 16 worms per fish were recorded.
The image mean intensity for the photoluminescent nanofiber mat was calculated to be 171.6 [+ or -] 4.4, while the PVP nanofiber mat image mean intensity was 0.01 [+ or -] 0.004, amounting to a coefficient of variance of 2.6% and 40% for the PVP/C8 and PVP nanofiber mats, respectively, suggesting the surface of the PVP/C8 electrospun nanofiber mats displays remarkably uniformed photoluminescent.