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Professor Sir Samuel Roy Meadow. A British paediatrician who was knighted for his crusade against abuse of children by their parents. Meadow’s Law, “One sudden infant death is a tragedy, two is suspicious and three is murder”, was  widely adopted by social workers and child protection agencies in the UK. He fell from grace when the General Medical Council (GMC) found that he had offered  “erroneous” and “misleading” evidence in the case of Sally Clark and other mothers, and struck him from the register (he was later reinstated). Meadow is also known for Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, though the validity of this condition has not been universally accepted.


grassland, used for grazing and/or haying.

meadow buttercup
meadow crowfoot
meadow rue
meadow saffron
meadow sweet
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But most people living on Meadow View cannot see one, even with binoculars, according to wildlife charity Plantlife, which conducted the research.
Since the 1930s Wales has lost more than 91% of its species rich meadows and grassland and their associated wildflowers, including our native wildflowers such as oxeye daisies, meadow crane'sbill and butterfly orchids.
Plantlife's patron, the Prince of Wales, called for the creation of new wildflower meadow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation.
Meadow Walker is going a through a lot of emotional turmoil due to her mother Rebecca Mcbrain's drinking problems and reportedly this is adding more to her woes apart from losing her father in a tragic accident.
SCIENTISTS are creating 15 urban meadows across Edinburgh to attract bees, flies and other insects that support plant life.
But unless something is done to rapidly reverse the decline of these ancient and vitally important landscapes, the traditional meadow that has graced so many paintings and poems will disappear forever under the plough.
Meadows served as chief of surgery at Leominster Hospital from 1954 until his retirement in 1986.
Informatively written in a simple, accessible, "kid friendly" text, and with detailed nature illustrations, Mouse In A Meadow by John Himmelman is a picturebook that gives young readers a realistic look at what goes on in a meadow daily.
The General Medical Council, which regulates the profession, is investigating the fitness of Professor Sir Roy Meadow, whose expert testimony and competence as an expert were found to be "unsafe" by the Appeal Court.
At Meadow Lakes, a continuing care retirement community in Hightstown, N.