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The flowers of Matricaria chamomilla (family Compositae); used internally as a tonic and externally as a counterirritant.
See also: chamomile.
[L. matrix, womb]
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DEWEY tp = weedy DEWEY ta1 = swayed, tweedy DEWEY ta2 = dyeweed, mayweed, weedily, weekday
Smooth bromegrass had 17 plants [m.sup.-2] of mayweed chamomile (Anthemus cotula L.) in the low N treatment compared with 6 and 1 plants [m.sup.-2] at the medium and high N rates.
Cornflowers range in colours from pink to shades of blue and purple and go well with golden corn marigolds, vermilion pheasant's eye (Adonis annua) and the white and yellow mayweed (matricaria).
And all forms of life are one in their tenacity, in their determined grip on existence, in their unfaltering will to be, exhibited so obviously in the sow thistle rising through any crevice forced or found in cement or rock; in mayweed and burdock thriving along roadsides, among rubbish and waste; in the unrelenting persistence of birds--sparrows, crows, warblers--up at dawn, even after a sudden spring storm of sleet and ice, a long frigid night, calling and scrabbling in the cold, there to survive, crisis or no.
The prevailing conspicuous flowers at present [August 21] are the early golden-rods, tansy, the life-everlastings, fleabane (though not for its flower), yarrow (rather dry), hard-hack and meadow-sweet (both getting dry), also Mayweed, purple eupatorium, clethra, rhexia, thoroughwort, Polygala sanguinea, prunella and dogsbane (getting stale), touch-me-not (less observed), Canada snapdragon by roadsides, purple gerardia, horsemint, marsh speedwell, tall crowfoot (still in flower), also the epilobium and cow-wheat.
Weeds are a particularly bad problem in peas, the worst culprits being wild oats, lambsquarters, mayweed chamomile, and mustards.