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A perennial herb once used as an anthelmintic, emetic, purgative, and liver tonic; its marked purgative activity precludes its therapeutic use; a semisynthetic derivative, etoposide, is used to treat cancers
Toxicity Dermatitis, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, severe gastroenteritis, and possibly death; mayapple is regarded by the FDA as ‘unsafe’
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By May, stung by the angry protests of the neighborhood groups that had sprung up to oppose her, she had withdrawn the application, although another application, to register the Mayapple Center as a nonprofit, was still in the works.
Currently, add the researchers, podophyllotoxin is produced commercially using the roots and rhizomes of Indian mayapple, the endangered species harvested from the wild in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and China.
Other types of early soft mast that deserve at least passing mention: sumac berries, American beauty berries (French mulberries), pawpaws and mayapples. Sumac, easily spotted because of its brilliant colors of red and magenta, is one of the first harbingers of fall along banks and roadsides, while beauty berries--with their distinctive pink--are found in the forest understory.
Traditionally, podophyllotoxin has been obtained from the roots of a wild Asian plant, Podophyllum emodi, a cousin of the mayapple. The Asian plant is found only in alpine and sub-alpine areas of the Himalaya mountains.
Eleanor Lerman (author); STRANGE LIFE; Mayapple Press (Nonfiction: Poetry) 15.95 ISBN: 9781936419357
Memorable characters include Ryder, Willow's stern yet loving father; Cholly Dee, who knew Willow's mother before they were kidnapped in Africa; Silvey, an exploited but undaunted lady's maid; and Mayapple, Willow's horse.
bud-bursting serviceberry, potboiler mayapple, bodice-busting lack of
mayapple, wake-robin, bloodroot, and the kids, itchy and hot,
Podophyllum peltatum L.: mayapple. Abundant in woods; 125; 94; C = 3.
Podophyllum peltatum Mayapple, Indian Used for Apple, Umbrella gastrointestinal Plant disorders, rheumatism, and intestinal worms.
Mayapple is another wildflower that spreads as a clone.
Podophyllin is a keratolytic resin extracted from the plant, Podophyllum peltatum (Mayapple).