maximum temperature

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max·i·mum tem·per·a·ture

in bacteriology, denoting a temperature above which growth will not take place.
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maximum temperature

The temperature above which bacterial growth will not take place.
See also: temperature
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The maximum temperatures will remain between 30 and 35 degrees.
The maximum temperature of Padidan and Dadu rose to 50 degrees C.
A heat wave is usually declared when the maximum temperature remains above 45 degrees Celsius for two consecutive days.
In an earlier heatwave from May 1st-3rd, the maximum temperature in Karachi had soared up to 42AdegC.
In Iloilo and Cebu the expected maximum temperature is 34 degrees Celsius.
Aberystwyth will wake to some cloud on Saturday but the rest of the day will see clear sunshine and a maximum temperature of around 11C.
The annual mean maximum temperature in DI Khan measured over a period from (1996-2015) is about 36.1(AdegC).
On Wednesday, highest maximum temperature 47 Centigrade and lowest minimum temperature 29 Centigrade were recorded in the city.
This year also saw the hottest July, June and April on record, while May of this year recorded an average maximum temperature of 32.6C, making it the second hottest May since 1902.
On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 31.4 degrees Celsius and minimum 18.5 degrees Celsius.
TOMORROW: Heavy rain but some sun - maximum temperature 10C; temperature 3C.
"The mean maximum temperature of the month was 40.5C, going on record as the fourth highest mean maximum temperature for July.

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