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A statement of the chance that an unknown quantity in reality has a particular value based on the readiness with which it would account for a given set of data; in this way the merits of various competing interpretations may be compared.
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Q. What is the likelihood of my depression returning? I have a history of severe depression. My mom is very against medication and counseling, and reluctantly allowed me to go on the lowest dosage of zoloft. It helped, but now she wants me to go off of it and stop going to my doctor. My fear is that my depression will return. What are the chances of my depression returning, and how can I handle it if and when it does?

A. hi kelly17 i agree with eleanor55, i donot have bi-polar-but it seems to me that the problem isnt YOU/it your mother-Im going to be real here-if your mother knows that the meds help why is she stopping them--I think the stigma of the disease is her problem,like the other members said, and if she is doing this to you for that reason/BAD ON HER---at 17 i think you are under age--I dont want to start a family feud but i think this is child abuse--talk to soom one at school teacher/ect----stay strong things get better with time you have a lot of friends her USE THEM---mrfot56

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Therefore, we computed its maximum likelihood estimates and predictive value for 25%, respectively.
The OLS estimates of the parameters are used as initial values for the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters.
The maximum likelihood estimates and Bayes estimates with corresponding confidence/credible intervals are calculated based on the simulated sample.
With respect to Rh system, Rh- blood type was 5.22% In the whole data, the maximum likelihood estimates of frequencies of alleles p[A], q[B], r[O], and Rh[d] were 0.1566, 0.2386, 0.6048, and 0.2285, respectively (Table II).
The results show the summary statistics of the variables, maximum likelihood estimates and technical efficiency for Indian textile industry for the reference period.
Some questions arise upon the foregoing: If we know a certain amount of zeros observations in the sample, are the usual maximum likelihood estimates reliable?
OBJECTIVES: We obtained maximum likelihood estimates of the common national effects of the criteria pollutants on mortality based on time-series data from [less than or equal to] 108 metropolitan areas in the United States.
The maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters in the Cobb-Douglas stochastic frontier profit model defined equation 6, given the specification for profit inefficiency effects defined by equation 8, were obtained using a computer programme, Frontier 4.1, developed by Coelli [21].
The maximum likelihood estimates of the NB regression parameters are as follows, with the coefficients shown in parentheses followed by the standard error: FrgnLngYrs (0.2882, 0.1410); FrgnLngYrs_Sq (-0.0140, 0.0082); Freshman (-0.5630, 0.3485); BusMajor (0.7425, 0.2587); FrgnStudent (0.7586, 0.3766); SnglChild (0.5635, 0.2534).
Because of the complexity of the likelihood model (1), there are no closed form estimators and investigators must use computer algorithms to numerically solve for the maximum likelihood estimates and associated variance estimates.

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