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adjective Referring to a maximum (often used interchangeably).
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(măks′ĭ-mŭm) plural.maxima [L. maximus, greatest]
1. The greatest quantity or effect.
2. Height of a disease.
maximal (-măl), adjective
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To get high-risk patients who have high cholesterol despite maximally dosed statins or statin-intolerance down to an LDL level of 50 mg/dL would be a pretty good thing.
Chapter 6 deals with the anthropology of four disparate and maximally different groups of Greater Guyana, namely the Yekuana of the Roraima area in Venezuela and Brazil; the Pemon of Roraima, Venezuela, and Guyana; the Akuriyo of Suriname; and the Waiwai of Guyana, Brazil, and Suriname.
The primary objective of the study was to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of single and multiple ascending doses of CH-4051 in healthy male volunteers and to determine the maximally tolerated dose (MTD).
The question we should keep before us is not how we might institute the office of chief rabbi and what that rabbi's powers might be, but how we might realize a vision for a maximally engaged Jewish polity in the United States.
Isoglide3-T3 (Figure 1) is a representative structure of 3DOF parallel maximally regular robots (Gogu, 2008), the most studied in the last period by the robotic researchers under different denominations: Orthogonal Tripteron (Gosselin et al., 2004), CPM (Kim &Tsai, 2002).
Set to release a debut EP this summer, MIXHELL will follow it up with more, extensive touring around the world, proving its not just the Euros who can get down maximally. Get it shorty:
A major finding is that the EMG activity of all right muscles, despite their functional and anatomical diversity, was minimized not only at the initial, vertical position, but also in the reversal phase of movement when the moving leg was maximally deviated from the vertical position.
The research method developed by the investigators "maximally integrates genetic, gene expression, and clinical data to uncover complex relationships among genes in a context that actually gives rise to disease," senior author Dr.
I received a letter last week which maximally excited me that on attaining my 80th birthday my senior citizen's (commoners pension) will increase by 25p per week, bringing my commoner's pension up to the princely sum of pounds 107.21 per week.
The solution enables Elisa to expand 3G services to new areas effectively while maximally utilising existing GSM spectrum and network assets.
This allows customers to benefit from the cost advantages of IP telephony, at the same time maximally reducing network disruption.
Though flu vaccines may not always prove maximally effective, there are concerns that they may actually be dangerous, particularly for children.

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