maxillomandibular record

max·il·lo·man·dib·u·lar rec·ord

1. a record of the relation of the mandible to the maxillae;
2. the act of recording the relation of the mandible to the maxillae.
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max·il·lo·man·dib·u·lar re·cord

(mak-silō-man-dibyū-lăr rekŏrd)
Record of relation of mandible to maxillae.
Synonym(s): biscuit bite, maxillomandibular registration.
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A maxillomandibular record was made by manually assisting the mandible into the centric occlusion(Fig 4).
It explains removable partial denture components and their functions; KratochvilAEs design philosophy and the basic principles of biomechanics upon which it is based; surveying and determining the most advantageous treatment position; diagnosis, treatment planning, and intraoral preparation; impressions and laboratory instructions; removable partial denture digital design and manufacturing; physiologic adjustment of the casting and altered cast impressions; maxillomandibular records and occlusion for removable partial dentures; treatment removable partial dentures; insertion and maintenance of the dentures; and the clinical appointment sequence.
One of the records among the maxillomandibular records was recording vertical relation4, defined as the points on the maxilla and mandible when the teeth are in maximum intercuspation.5