Resection of the maxilla.
[maxilla + G. ektomē, excision]
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A major surgical procedure involving the face, which is most commonly performed to manage squamous cell carcinoma of the region.

Average survival

Blood loss, deformity, infections including meningitis.
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In case of a resection, appropriate and concise terms to be used would be mandibulectomy or maxillectomy with a prefix indicating the extent (hemi-, partial, or total).
Sinonasal teratocarcinosarcoma: a rare clinical entity managed by medial maxillectomy and adjuvant chemoradiation.
Subtotal maxillectomy via a lateral rhinotomy was performed and medial and lateral walls of maxilla were removed.
(42,43) In 2010, Moreno et al (43) compared microvascular free flap reconstruction and palatal obturator reconstruction for maxillectomy defects and concluded that better functional outcomes were associated with free flap reconstruction.
Quality of Life in Advanced Maxillary Sinus Cancer After Radical Versus Conservative Maxillectomy. J Craniofac Surg.
Partial maxillectomy or palatal fenestrations are recommended for the treatment of lesions that are bigger and infiltrated to the bone, while for the lesions that are clinically and radiographically asymptomatic, it is recommended to treat with only soft tissue excision.
The patient underwent endoscopic sinus surgery with a medial inferior left endoscopic maxillectomy. The mucoceles were drained via a sublabial approach and endoscopic right mucopyocele drainage.
The patient underwent an inferior partial maxillectomy, and a prefabricated palatal obturator prosthesis was used for the reconstruction.
Maxillectomy is performed for radical treatment of maxillary malignant tumors leading to serious problems in mastication, swallowing, speech, and facial esthetics.