torus palatinus

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 [tor´us] (L.)
a swelling or bulging projection.
torus mandibula´ris a prominence sometimes seen on the lingual aspect of the mandible at the base of its alveolar part.
torus palati´nus a bony protuberance sometimes found on the hard palate at the junction of the intermaxillary suture and the transverse palatine suture.
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pal·a·tine to·rus

, torus palatinus
an exostosis protruding from the midline of the hard palate.
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tor·us pal·a·ti·nus

(tōr'ŭs pal'ă-tī'nŭs)
A bony protuberance in the midline of the hard palate.
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tor·us pal·a·ti·nus

(tōrŭs pală-tīnŭs)
Bony protuberance in midline of hard palate.
Synonym(s): maxillary torus.
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