maturation value

mat·u·ra·tion val·ue

an indicator of the level of maturation attained by vaginal epithelium and used as a factor in cytohormonal evaluation from the maturation index by valuing the parabasal cells at 0.0, the intermediate cells at 0.5, and the superficial cells at 1.0; for special investigations, subtypes of a major cell can be given different values.
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The primary efficacy variable was change in maturation value of vaginal epithelium from baseline to week 12.
This randomized controlled trial was undertaken to assess the effects of continuous HRT and tibolone regimen on the frequency of spotting/ bleeding episodes and vaginal maturation value (VMV) in menopausal women.
Vaginal Maturation Value (VMV) was calculated by multiplying the percentage of cell types by a weighting factor and then adding up the total.
After 12 and 24 weeks of treatment, the maturation value and maturation index was also significantly higher in the study group than in the placebo group.