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The concealment of group assignment—to either the treatment or control group—from the knowledge of patients and/or investigators in a clinical trial of whether a drug or therapy being administered is a placebo/sham treatment—i.e., the control group—or the drug/treatment being investigated
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Clinical research The concealment of group assignment–to either the treatment or control group from the knowledge of Pts and/or investigators in a clinical trial; while blinding is intended to remove bias and subjectivity, it is not always practical–eg when comparing surgery to drug treatment, but should be used when possible and compatible with optimal Pt care. See Double blinded study, 'Nocebo. ', Placebo, Triple blinded study. Cf Control.
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Patient discussion about blinding

Q. Why is the color draining from my eyes?! When I was little I had rich shiny cobalt blue eyes! As I grew up they faded or just started to dim in color. Being partially blind you can see in my left eye the its a really light color and creamy instead of my deep blue color... Why does my eye color dim?! I didnt think going blind had anything to do with the color of my eyes changing... Or is it something else?! Please, and thank you!

A. depends on your blindness, if it is caused by your cornea changing (corneal opacity)- it'll change your eye color to a cloudy white. it can also be caused by cataract.
are those the reason of your blindness?

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