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'That is not what I said, Matron, and not what I meant.
It will be recalled that on November 30, 2018, at about 7:00pm, a group of students numbering 14, divided themselves into groups with one policing the school matron and the other the school tricycle rider.
I recall a new matron being appointed before then--a Ms Sinclair from Gisborne.
Pia Abbott, wife of a former housemaster, said the mum told her: "He's been having sex with a matron, she's been paying him in Mars bars." In a statement to police when she was arrested in 2014, Carter said: "I remember the boy.
"Every morning, the matron would do the rounds and everything was in ship-shape order; if it wasn't someone would be for the high jump."
In those days matrons were the single most powerful members of staff and would rule their domain with a rod of iron.
Morning is getting brighter, yet no sign of Matron. A batch of bats rises from a swamp tree and clouds the sky, everywhere is dark again.
Modern matrons - senior nurses who oversee patient care - dropped from 4,874 in May 2010 to 3,876 last August.
They took the opportunity to meet the Interim Chief Nurse Linda Pascall, ward matrons Sharon Reynolds, Julie Romano and Justine Irish and Practice Placement Sister Charlotte Street with two third year students.
Run by Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, it was the very first Children's Community Matron Service established anywhere in the UK.
The Matron Ruby Grant Park is located within the former Royal South Sydney Hospital site, now part of the massive Green Square development, not far from the offices of the NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association in Waterloo.