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In spite of the paucity of these sources, Harrington's analysis eclipses those of earlier studies on the control of matrimony in Reformation Germany.
He added, "Matrimony Day offers an opportunity for couples not only to love, understand and appreciate each other but also the rich Indian marriage traditions and culture, which brings together not just two people but two families."
BharatMatrimony pioneered online matrimony and is recognised as the most successful matrimony brand in the world.
Gays a threat to matrimony? It seems straights are doing a fine job of running flint institution into the ground all by themselves.
Probably there are some genuine reasons not to get too thrilled about a menu-driven law of matrimony. "Some things work best when not plumbed quite so deeply," warns Judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S.
New Delhi [INDIA], Mar 08 (ANI): On Women's Day, Bharat Matrimony launched a new feature to the service called 'secure connect.' The feature enables women to take control of their privacy and safety while searching for a life partner.
The winds of change are indeed sweeping the institution of matrimony in India.
Following her introduction and the text of the play itself, Dolan concludes the book with the "contexts," which she divides into four sections: "Alternative Endings," "Marriage," "The Household: Authority and Violence," and "Shrews, Taming, and Untamed Shrews." "Alternative Endings" demonstrates that the play has not always equaled what we now see "in any contemporary edition" of the play (143), while the works included under the other three headings range from the famous "Homily of the State of Matrimony," to less familiar ballads, to excerpts from George Turberville's Book of Falconry or Hawking and Matthew Hopkins's The Discovery of Witches.
Summary: Kochi (Kerela) [India], March 7 (ANI): IIMK incubated mobile technology start-up Wedviser People Connect launched a unique platform for communities across India and beyond, which will help them to set up their own mobile matrimony app, at virtually zero cost.
India, June 28 -- BharatMatrimony, the world's most successful matrimony website today announced the launch of an initiative with LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network with a subscriber base of 10 million in India alone, offering multiple benefits to professionals seeking life partners online.
But the 24-year-old singer, who has a nine-month-old Sean Preston, closed her eyes and looked away before she started gushing over the joys of matrimony.
After all, when a man becomes a priest he receives the sacrament of Holy Orders, and when people get married they celebrate the sacrament of Matrimony.