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Mathematical models differ from other categories of models mainly because they focus on the structural characteristics of the systems they describe (Lesh & Harel, 2003).
They are an integral part of any complex mathematical model determination.
mathematical models which, due to their content, belong to other
(1) I will refer to mathematical model throughout this paper not according to a general use, or to a dictionary/ encyclopedic definition, but to its specific defintion within epistemology of applied mathematics, namely the ensamble formed by 1) empirical context idealized as relational structures; 2) structure-preserving maps from the empirical structures to the mathematical structures within the governing (mathematical) theory; 3) interpretations of the empirical objects and relationships between them within the mathematical structures and of the mathematical formal resuls back within the empirical context.
Expression (9) is the generic mathematical model of elementary digital FIR-filter based on the sliding discrete complex Fourier transformation.
Equation (5) represents a mathematical model in which ordinary differential equation arises during one-dimensional groundwater recharge phenomena.
Applying Earthquake Motion to the Mathematical Model. The 1940 El Centro Earthquake record was used as input earthquake motions.
To investigate the potential parameter of mathematical model of productivity with availability, DMAIC methodology and PACE Prioritization Matrix have been applied for problem solving.
Finally, these nonlinear stiffness conditions (which evaluate extreme deflections and are denoted in the mathematical model (1)-(9) as (7)) are expressed as follows:
Mathematical model of the linear electromagnetic motor is calculated using a physical model of the motor, parameters of which are specified in Table 1.
And that would be just fine (if a bit intimidating) if the mathematical models accurately described the world.
A comprehensive mathematical model is a useful tool for predicting the effects of recovery boiler upgrades.

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