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The maternal-fetal conflict may begin with the implantation, the mechanism which occurs both in spontaneous or assisted fertilization.
The maternal-fetal conflict includes a broad range of possible interventions, non-interventions, and coercive influences ranging from forbidding alcohol, drugs or nicotine consumption (Di Renzo, 2008).
23: Conflict of Interest: Maternal-Fetal Conflict and the Politics of Conservatives
7) At the same time, the perception of the potential for maternal-fetal conflict in pregnancy has led to other disturbing trends - court-ordered cesareans, prosecution of women for "fetal abuse," and workplace restrictions on fertile women.
Although feminist scholarship has focused needed attention on the dangers of a fetal rights discourse for women's reproductive freedom in particular and women's rights in general,(9) there has been little empirical work that examines women's embodied experience of pregnancy with regard to the light it could cast on the issue of maternal-fetal conflict.
Expanding the discussion well beyond surrogacy and abortion, they address the wide range of ethical and political questions raised by genetic testing, assisted reproduction, sterilization and contraception, fetal tissue and embryo research, maternal-fetal conflict, and intensive care for critically ill newborns.
While exploring state limitations on procreation, we're still left (as perhaps we must be) with no clear answers to questions regarding, for instance, maternal-fetal conflict or conflict over gestational versus genetic parentage.
According to Steinbock, "the key" to the resolutioon of inconsistencies in our views about abortion, embryo and fetal research, maternal-fetal conflict, and prenatal injury and death lies in a "theory of moral status - that is, a theory about which kinds of beings can be the object of moral concern.
In the end, neither Steinbock's invocation of the interest view nor her appeals to the moral significance of sentience provide the needed theoretical support for her proposed resolution to the "inconsistencies" in our views about abortion, fetal/embryo research, prenatal injury and death, or maternal-fetal conflict, or for the particular normative solutions she embraces.
The facts of the Harris case dramatically bring into the legal arena a much discussed topic in bioethics--the so-called maternal-fetal conflict.
Maternal-fetal conflicts are interesting out of proportion to their incidence in part because they raise in a compelling way questions about the integration of medical and family ethics, an important and underdeveloped topic.
Perhaps the most innovative discussion in this book is to be found in its final chapter on "Fetal and Gene Therapy," in which Elias and Annas consider the maternal-fetal conflicts raised by therapy that can be rendered in utero.

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